Crypto Am Sets Sail As Crypto Coasts Educational Oar

Drone ready Crypto Am

Saturday marked the first day of shooting Crypto Am. As the educational oar of Crypto Coast, we set sail to become the leaders in demystifying the world of Crypto and Blockchain Technology as we envision a world where this complex industry is understood by the masses.

Cameras, lights and lots of action... Brought together by Joe Salam, producer of Crypto Am, our newest adventure kicked off brilliantly. We've hired Bronto, a production company headed by Cormac Browne who is set to bring our vision to life and going by what him and his crew delivered on the day, we couldn’t be more confident that these are the guys to do it!

Studio Crypto Coast

Each episode is dedicated to one industry. Reuben Godfrey, co-founder of Crypto Coast, is often asked to explain Blockchain Technology. For the layperson to understand the complexity of Blockchain, Reuben associates coffee as a relatable industry which can benefit from the technologies application. With Shane and Cillian of Moyee Fair Chain Coffee being natives of Ireland, it was a no-brainer to start the show with coffee taking center stage.

Panel Discussion Crypto Am

Shawna Scott is our anchor host with Reuben co-hosting for the first couple of episodes. They bring flow to the show along with the latest news stories to keep you up to date. You can expect a brilliant panel of guests including Shane from Moyee coffee who discusses their journey using the Blockchain as a method of traceability and Nash From Crypto Cafe as he shares his inspiration behind opening Ireland’s first dedicated Crypto Cafe. To give you a taste of what William Weaver and Luke Byrne get up to at Deep Green they review Crypto N' Kafe ICO along with New Zealander guest James Waugh of Blue Block.

ICO Review Crypto Am

For those interested in learning about the Crypto Market, our Market Analysis segment by Dr Paul Ennis shows what has been happening in this space in the last couple of weeks. Not leaving anything a miss, we have partnered with Kelsie who travels to major Blockchain events who is set to give you a taste of what happens on a global scale.   

Crypto Am airs fortnightly and we will have the first show coming your way very soon.

With huge thanks to Coin Metro, our first sponsors of the show.

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